Admin backoffice

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Internal tool for user account management

Back-Office Tool
Navigation design
UI components
User Experience
Visual Design
Web (Desktop)
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Customer details screen
To connect efficiently to the many micro-services, this tool was rebuilt using MaterialUI components, ensuring faster implementation. I also conducted ad-hoc tests with available customer support users to quickly gather insights that helped to make quicker decisions. As the design owner, I was responsible for the entire design process, including the creation of the visual language and the design system.

Customer details - Before & After

Internally this backoffice tool was called the Customer Admin Portal, the CAP. It was a tool that contained the customer's personal (KYC) and financial information (savings).
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Customer Admin Portal - BEFORE
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Customer Admin Portal - AFTER (with 2 levels of navigation)

Deposits and details - Before & After

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Deposits and details - BEFORE
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Deposits and details - AFTER
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Deposit details (with 2 levels of navigation)
While designing backoffice tools, it’s not just the components but also the layouts that must be scalable. Designing scalable layouts and creating tables and pages to display large amounts of information were some of my key learnings from this project.