Buyer portal

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Helping buyers manage their orders and payments

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Visual Design
Web (Desktop)
Mobile web
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Buyer portal on mobile

Orders and details

As with the other dashboard, we started with Order management for the Buyers. The layout of the buyer portal looks and works more like a B2C product, in comparison to the Merchant dashboard.
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List of orders
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Order details
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Mobile screens - Orders + Details

Payments and details

After launching orders and interviewing buyers, we collected some actionable improvements for the orders page. While simultaneously working on the Payments environment, because that's what was the next most required function.
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Payment page
Mondu offers 3 types of payment methods to "pay later" with. In Germany, the primary market, there are Invoice, SEPA Direct Debit and Installment options offered during checkout. Below are the proposed designs for each of the payment methods, as they are works in progress (as of Nov 2023).
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Invoice payment details
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SEPA payment details
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Installment payment details

Mobile layouts

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Mobile - Payment page
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Invoice, SEPA and Installment payment details


The first functionality we made was to allow the buyers to raise a dispute because of the amount of queries Mondu received. We rolled it out on all products - including the Merchant dashboard and Admin dashboard, so that Mondu can handle and cross-verify disputes without being bombarded by calls/e-mails.
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Modals in the Buyer

Next iteration: Repositioned navigation

With the topic of purchasing power coming in, it was evident to explore options to show it on the homepage, because it shows the amount the buyer has remaining to make further purchases. One of the options is below with a simple dashboard-style homepage, taking up the entire width, and sending the navigation to the top of the screen.
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Repositioned navigation - Home
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Repositioned navigation - Inner pages