Payment Interfaces

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Checkout widget and Hosted checkout page for B2B BNPL

User Experience
Visual Design
Web (Desktop)
Mobile web
Design Library
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Hosted checkout page layouts

Payment Widget

The Mondu BNPL checkout flow is a modal triggered inside the Merchant/Seller's website. The buyer goes through a flow where they provide more information about them and their business. After a credit/risk check, the order is successfully placed.
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Widget triggered in a modal on Merchant's checkout
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Various widget screens
The widget being the primary offering of Mondu, was always analysed and improved by the Payments team. Along with the researcher and product manager, I created many valuable improvements to the widget over time to improve user experience and in turn, enable a smooth payment process for buyers paying with Mondu.
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Eg. Scroll shadow and Exit survey

Hosted Checkout

Similar to Klarna's Hosted Payment Page, Mondu's Hosted Checkout Page was introduced to provide an even more personalized payment experience.
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Mondu's Hosted Checkout Page
Unlike the widget, the Hosted Checkout Page loads in a new tab. It uses components from the widget in case of information required from the buyer. For this, we reused components from Mondu's checkout widget while making a few required changes to the modal's design - like removing the logo, for example.
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Modal on the Hosted Checkout Page
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Hosted Checkout's modals

Mobile layouts

The Hosted Checkout page is also very mobile-friendly and it works much better than the widget on smaller screens. The team also constantly monitors the usage, time spent, etc. via PostHog recordings.
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Hosted Checkout on Mobile


Apart from monitoring the payment integration interfaces I also worked on some explorations that allowed for more space and better structure. Below is one example mimicking Klarna's payment modal.
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Exploration - Mondu's payment modal