Weltsparen app

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App for Wealth Management - Savings, ETFs and Pensions

Mobile app
UI components
Design Library
Navigation design
User Experience
Visual Design
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Few screens from the app

App Homepage

Raisin's savings offerings were Deposits, ETFs and Pensions and the app started slowly and steadily with ETFs (more details below). Below is an exploration I created for the homepage which was queued for implementation the time of my exit.
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Home screen
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Alternate footer with inline user feedback & navigation

ETF Portfolio

Raisin’s app usage data showed that users accessed the ETF dashboard almost every day. At that time (Q1 2021) only 5% of the app was native.
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ETF home & details
With the help of expert and user interviews, I got a deeper understanding of how ETFs work before starting to work on it. With an understanding of how it works and the already existing web-views to provide the information to display I created the designs which were also quickly tested internally. All of this was also documented, on Miro, to unlock greater collaboration and make design decisions quicker and more transparent.
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Composition page & Inline user feedback
After the ETF dashboard was released natively in the app, the WeltSparen app gained many positive reviews on the app store increasing the average rating to 4, and also over 70% positive user feedback (inline, via the app) in the first week.

Savings / Deposits

After ETFs, it was time for Deposits to go native. And deposits went even deeper since there were many types like Festgeld (Fixed deposit), Tagesgeld (Daily allowance) and Kundigungsgeld (Termination pay). And users can have multiple deposits from multiple banks all over Europe.
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All tab and Festgeld tab
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Deposit details and various detail components

More screens

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KYC banner and Messages tab screens
Note: Only the screens in the ETF dashboard were created, developed, released and tested, in my presence. The other topics were queued for the quarter after my departure and I couldn't oversee their development.