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Creating effortless designs that work

I’m Indhuja, pronounced in-dhoo-jah, a product designer based in Berlin. I've designed with startups for over a decade and thoroughly enjoy solving problems with design decisions that look and work right. Currently, I'm freelancing with early-stage startups and founders depending on their design needs.

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April 2024


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Here are some of the projects I enjoyed working on -

Approach to design

More options

I enjoy creating multiple options, be it components or layouts. So you'll always have more to choose from, never less.

Lightning fast

I spew out first drafts very quickly, so there's more time to fine-tune, iterate and arrive at a first version that works.

Objective & Decisive

I keep in mind familiar layouts and mental models while designing, so my confidence levels, in what I create, is always high.

Good-looking & Bullet-proof

Over the years I've learned to design with clarified assumptions & dev. challenges. So my designs look good AND work well.

informed & assumed

The unknown does not bewilder me. I'm comfortable with less information and can simulate with the help of competitor resources.

System thinking

I always work with reusable components and layouts, so there is always some discipline, structure and efficiency in my work.

Peer talk

"Hey Indhuja - I just saw the UX designs for the registration for the app. Just wanted to tell you that I think they are really well thought through (a lot of thinking certainly went into them) and they also look very clean and nice. Well done! I'm excited to hear how the user tests go. Thanks a lot!"


C-level, Raisin

"I just wanted to tell you that I find your designs really good and I am looking forward to when everything is native and working nice and smoothly. This is turning out so great! I am glad you took over. I also love what you did on the Miro board! exactly the direction I'd go!!"


Ex-designer, Raisin

"I was looking at the Deposit Detail Code and I realise that your card based re-usable components really made a great impact on the development speed and implementation!! Wanted to appreciate your component based designs in regard to that"


Developer, Raisin

"I really enjoyed working with Indhuja. She is a highly collaborative person, has a structured approach and a unique set of skills - such a great colleague!"

Yves Jakob

Ex-designer, TradeRepublic

"Indhuja demonstrates exceptional responsibility and autonomy in her role as a designer, showcasing a high degree of ownership over her tasks. Her problem-solving skills are commendable, allowing her to navigate complex design challenges effectively. Moreover, she excels in planning and execution, ensuring that her designs are not only well-conceived but also flawlessly implemented. In summary, Indhuja's strengths lie in her strong sense of responsibility, problem-solving acumen, and impeccable execution. "



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1 April '24

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